The Top 7 Health Benefits of Cycling

close up of bike parts

Cyclists are a diverse group. Some of us ride fat tires down rocky trails, some of us ride road bikes up burly hills, some of us ride for sport and some of us ride just for fun. Some ride for the adrenaline rush and some ride their bikes for basic transportation. But all of us can take advantage of the healthy benefits of cycling, even if we never ever buy a single item made from spandex.

Armstrong stripped

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What do you make of him? Greatest cyclist or artist ?? 

American cyclist Lance Armstrong will be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from cycling for life, US Anti-Doping Agency chief Travis Tygart said yesterday.

Premium Rush, a bicycle movie

premium rush bike movie.jpg

What results from that premise is a fast-pace romp zoomed in on a kid on a fixie, with track skids, curb jumps, skitching off taxi cabs, and general edge-of-seat urban riding drama being hallmarks of the show.

Stray dog followed cyclists on a 1800km journey to Lhasa !

A stray dog nicknamed "Xiaosa" has been following a team of cyclists for 20 days along Sichuan-Tibet Highway. The cyclists said she has given them encouragement all the way to Tibet, and are planning to bring her to their hometown in Central China's Hubei Province.

It’s more than 1,800 kilometers from Sichuan to Tibet. Xiaosa and her new masters made their way all by themselves. During the 20-day trip, Xiaosa ran 50 to 60 kilometers every day and never fell behind.

Xiao Yong, a cyclist, said, "At present it runs 60 km by the farthest, just uphill."

Culprit the driver or cyclist?

STOMPer Frederic said this Caucasian cyclist parked his bike in front of a bus after accusing the driver of trying to force him off the road. The cyclist apparently even threatened to beat up the driver.

Said the STOMPer:

Web users rescue Japanese first-aid cyclist

Wuhan Web users come to the rescue of Japanese first-aid cyclist
By Ling Yuhuan  

Cycling Hainan


Around Hainan Island,one of the 'Top 10 best cycling routes in China' by

Green bicycles 2012

Hundreds of green bicycles are parked at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, as 960 of them await riders at Vermilion Steps Bridge (DanBiQiao) for the New Year countdown ceremony, Dec 29, 2011. (CFP Photo)

Penang Most Bicycle Friendly!

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today he hopes to turn Penang into the most bicycle-friendly state within the next five years.

Mobile bicycle repairer

A bicycle repairer strokes his dog inside a storage box on his tricycle as he waits for his customer in Beijing November 24, 2011. [Photo/Agencies]

Foldable bike craze

By Evelyn Choo | Posted: 05 November 2011 2306 hrs

World CarFree day !




How Bikes Keep the Rubber on the Road

Bicycle abuse isn’t something you’d expect from the Dutch. But engineers in the Netherlands who love bikes enough to hurt them are challenging long-held beliefs about how a moving bike keeps its balance even when slapped, shoved or otherwise insulted.

Bike Can Shift Gears with Just a Thought

Mind-Reading Prius Bike Can Shift Gears with Just a Thought!

Prius Project Concept Bike, Parlee Cycles, Toyota, DeepLocal, concept bike, Prius bike, electric bike, thought-controlled bike, alternative transportation, green transportation

Ban ebike ?

A salesman at an electric bicycle shop in Beijing cleans his new bikes outside the west gate of Tsinghua University. The ban on electric bicycles in Shenzhen might affect the industry. Zhu Xingxin / China Daily
Shenzhen, in Guangdong province, is often acclaimed for its pioneering spirit. As China's first special economic zone, it was transformed from a small fishing village into a major national economic hub.

Now it is making another pioneering move - banning electric bicycles, often referred to as e-bikes, from most of its streets. No small task considering the city has 500,000 e-bike owners.

Home Built Tribike



Dave and Rob Thompson on their tandem recumbent/upright trike(Photo: Dave Thompson)

Bicycle Made Entirely From Wood Can Hit 30 MPH


SplinterBike: Bicycle Made Entirely From Wood Can Hit 30 MPH

green treansportation, wood bike, wood bike world speed record, splinterbike, green bike, eco bike, recyclable bike, wood bicycle, fast wood bikes

How Bikes Keep the Rubber on the Road

How Bikes Keep the Rubber on the Road

Explore the surprising stability of two-wheeled transportation.


Great Taipei International cycle show!

Click to view official page

strange looking state ofthe art mini velo

hand-made mini velo

Public bicycle rental in Guangzhou

Public bicycle initiative kicks off in Guangzhou

Updated:2010-06-22 17:58:32 Source:

Guangzhou launched its public bicycle initiative on June 22, providing rental bicycles at 18 locations along the BRT route from Huajing New Town to Keyun Lu. Local residents can pay rentals with their "Yongcheng Tong" e-payment cards, while visitors with valid identification papers can rent a bicycle by depositing 300 yuan into a "member service card". A bicycle rented can be returned to any of the 18 locations.


Never ending helmet debate

Doctors are applauding members of the Northern Ireland assembly for voting in favour of a bill to make the wearing of cycle helmets compulsory.

The British Medical Association believes it is a great way to prevent injuries and save lives.

But opponents say such a move could be detrimental to the nation's health, arguing it will put people off using their bike and getting much-needed exercise.

So who is right when you look at the available evidence?

The most obvious reason to wear a helmet is that doing so protects you in the event of an accident. But by how much?

Back in 2001, Australian experts set out to determine just this by trawling medical literature published in the past decade.

Yoga for cyclists

More and more people have turned to cycling as a sport or mode of transportation in the past few years. And it’s all for the better – our body certainly benefits from the cardio workout and the earth could use a little less pollution caused by motor vehicles.

China As Seen From A Bicycle, The Bicycle As Seen From China

eck out this screen shot for now, and head on over to read !

Urban Velo

Critical Mass

Cycling and obesity

Study correlates walking, cycling and obesity levels


A transportation expert says the United States could solve part of its obesity problem by making it easier for people to bike or walk where they need to go.

Antique Bicycle Club

BESUT: “Grandpa” bicycles, a popular mode of transport in the past, is making a comeback here after a group of cycling enthusiasts formed a club to relive the good old days.

Antique brands like Raleigh, New Hudson, British Soldier, Hercules and Robinhood were procured and refurbished by 30 members of the club, comprising mostly villagers from Kampung Pulau Panjang here.

They named their club “Antique Bicycle Club,” which was launched by Jerteh assemblyman Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh on Friday.

Club president Suhaimi Yatim said the 30 members would be cycling around the village and even to the nearby Jerteh town.

Bicycles in Zambia


- World Bicycle Relief has distributed 30,000 bikes in Zambia

- One headmaster says they are more valuable than cars

- School roll has increased from 300 to 867 since bikes were given to pupils



Bicycles in Zambia are more valuable than a vehicle

--Michael Gogolola, headteacher

Work, cycle and swim: LKY's(87) secret to living!

Worst punishment for a person is to be put in isolation ward: MM Lee
By S Ramesh | Posted: 12 September 2010 1631 hrs

Who should be liable in road crashes involving bicycles?


Who should be liable in road crashes involving bicycles?

If a car and a bicycle collide who should be held mostly responsible for any damage or injuries?  Most people in Singapore will say, 'well it depends'.

But in the Netherlands, it will almost always be the motorist who is held primarily responsible, even if they broke no road rules. Does that seem crazy to you? Read on. 

7 reasons why bicycle commuting doesn’t work in Taiwan

One of my most proud lifestyle choices back in Australia was the fact that I was a near fulltime bicycle commuter. My Surly Long Haul Trucker wasn’t just a toy, it was a fully equipped day to day workhorse that was used for shopping, getting around, travelling to and from work, weekend leisure rides and anything else I threw at it.

So proud was I of the fact that I’d managed to delegate the car to just ‘going out at night’ trips on the weekend or getting around with a girlfriend, that I decided to bring my bicycle with me to Taiwan.

The aim of course being to replicate my self reliance and lack of dependency on petrol to get around.

Arashiro hero in Tour de France

Japanases Yukiya Arashiro was the only Asian rider in the Tour De France 2010 this year.  He finished with an overall standing of 112, ahead of greats like CANCELLARA Fabian and CAVENDISH Mark !!

112. ARASHIRO Yukiya 152 BBOX BOUYGUES TELECOM 95h 12' 08" + 3h 13' 20"


Indonesians demand bike lanes

Cyclists join hands to demand bike lanes

The Bicycle Congress of Indonesia (KSI) urged the government Friday to provide cyclists with bicycle lanes and other supporting facilities in Jakarta as well as other cities around the country.

“The number of cyclists, as well as their communities, are growing rapidly. We need to be recognized and we need safety and facilities on the road,” KSI chairman Syahrul Effendi said at the opening of the three-day event.

The congress is being held at the Hotel Sultan in Central Jakarta and is being attended by 200 cycling communities from across Indonesia.

Cycling revolution in London

A revolution of cycling underway in London

By Sun Wei in London

A revolution of cycling underway in London

Red double-decker buses, black taxis, those roundel underground logos and … bicycle rentals?

London's iconic transportation system has added another mode of public transport to its repertoire, and Mayor Boris Johnson hopes it willhelps turn the capital into a "cyclized" city.

Cycling 30 thousand km !

Malaysian Duo Set To Cycle Around The World


More local cyclists killed

More local cyclists killed in road accidents
By Shaffiq Alkhatib | Posted: 11 July 2010 1505 hrs

bicycle-powered charger for mobile phone

The world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia has unveiled a bicycle-powered charger for mobile phone, according to a statement released by the Finnish company on Thursday.

The bicycle charger kit consists of a charger and dynamo, as well as a holder to secure the phone to the bike. When the kit is installed, the dynamo -- a small electrical generator -- uses the movement of the wheels to charge the handset through the standard 2mm charging jack used in most Nokia mobile phones.

The kit will charge the phone when bicycle speed is between 6 kilometers and 50 kilometers per hour. A 10-minute journey at 10 kilometers per hour produces around 28 minutes of talk time or 37 hours of standby time.

Ryohei of Japan in Penang

PENANG, May 14 (Bernama) -- A Japanese national cyclist, Ryohei Oguchi, 29, to fulfill his dream of going around the world has arrived in this state after going through five countries.

Oguchi, who works as a financial advisor in Japan, began his journey in 2007 and has travelled in Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore before arriving here.

According to Ryohei, his desire to cycle and see the world was developed when he was still in school and he had to save for four years for the adventure.

The gradguate of Tokyo University expects to complete his world-wide journey by 2015.

India's Fremo


FreMo: India’s First Bicycle Sharing Program

By Rahul Anand

Every one of us living in these bustling metropolises has always dreamt of a city devoid of traffic snarls, incessant honking and pollution. FreMo, India’s first bicycle sharing programme is a step in that direction.

Silent Ride for Safety !

300 cyclists participate in second annual Ride of Silence

Posted: 22 May 2010 1930 hrs


Jarkarta care free day



12 year tour

Somalia deports Chinese cyclist

<!-- S BO --> <!-- S IIMA -->

Lee Yue Zhong
Lee Yue Zhong said he was disappointed not to reach Mogadishu

<!-- E IIMA --> <!-- S SF -->

A Chinese cyclist has been forced to put the brakes on a 12-year world tour, after officials in Somalia deported him for not having the right documents.

Bike to basics

Cycling enthusiasts gather at a Shanghai basketball court before an alleycat race. Provided to China Daily

A grassroots movement to rediscover the bicycle has spawned alleycat racing in China, which dovetails neatly with Shanghai's plan to green the city for Expo 2010 and promote bike use, Matt Hodges reports from Shanghai

Tyler Bowa moved to Shanghai last year to teach English, not spark a revolution or redesign the social fabric of a hyperactive youth culture that is starting to go nuts for bikes.

Things just panned out that way.

Get cyclists off the footpaths

Last year, more than 1,500 summonses were issued by the police to cyclists for violating traffic rules. Of these, about 700 were for illegal riding along the footways of roads - a six-fold increase from 115 in 2008. Cycling on the footways of roads is an offence, except in Tampines town. First-time offenders may be fined up to $1,000 or jailed up to three months. -- ST PHOTOS: KEVIN LIM

Free bicycles

Free bicycles integrated into urban transport strategy

Cyclists protest for more bicycle paths

Cyclists protest for more bicycle paths in Peru

Taiwan to promote cycling festival

The Tourism Bureau is planning an international “Taiwan Cycling Festival” in late 2010, which the bureau hopes will attract between 100,000 and 300,000 cyclists from around the globe.

The proposed 200-kilometer racing route will start from Shoufeng or Cisingtan in Hualien County and end at Luye in Taitung County, said the bureau.

“President Ma loves sports, and hopes people in Taiwan can do the same,” said Tsai Hsung-hsiung, minister of the Council for Economic Planning and Development. The plan has been proposed to the president, and will be discussed in detail next week, Tsai said.

Cycling sharing footpaths

Cycling on footpaths will be allowed in Tampines next year

Bike tree in Japan

Radio Frequency ID enabled bicycle

Korea reveals RFID-enabled bicycle sharing programs at technology expo

Friday, October 9, 2009 in News

This year’s RFID(Radio Frequency ID)/USN Korea, the country’s annual expo of RFID technology, featured two proposed bicycle sharing programs for “greener” transportation in major Korean cities.

Calling for road-sharing in Japan

Cyclists unite in calling for new road-sharing infrastructure

Staff writer Edan Corkill rolled up with his camera to last weekend's 40-km "Tokyo City Cycling 2009" event to celebrate the joys — and utility — of urban bicycling, and asked participants how often they ride, where they like to ride and how they think bike-riding in Japan could be made safer.


Giant to open bicycle travel agency

Taiwan bike maker Giant to open bicycle travel agency Taipei - Taiwan bicycle manufacturer Giant Inc plans to launch a travel agency to promote bike tourism , a newspaper reported Tuesday.

U-bike Taiwan

Giant Co. invited Cycle Taiwan to attend the launch press conference of the U-Bike. What is U-Bike? In essence it is a public bike hire program in Taipei City. It is also much more than that.





Should E-Bikes Be Banned?

Bikes and Ebikes Share Lanes photoPeople-powered versus electric powered - it all goes in the same lane in China. Photo avlxyz via flickr.

No helmet President?


Washington, Aug 29 (ANI): US President Barack Obama has sparked a controversy after being pictured helmetless during a bike ride on Martha’s Vineyard.

The move, which took place on August 27, has been seen as a bad example by most.

“Yes, I know, President Obama is on a vacation, riding a bike, at a slow cadence, so what if he is not wearing a helmet, right?” quoted Martha Castro, a California doctor, as having written on her website.

While Josh Loposer, wrote on, a website for parents, “Truly despicable isn’t it? What kind of example is he setting for the nation’s youth?”

President Ma Ying-jeou rides

President Ma Ying-jeou said Saturday that Taiwan should consider staging Tour de Taiwan and turn the country into a nation of cycling lovers.

Parks 9,400 bikes !!

High Tech Bicycle Parking Facility In Tokyo

A video report on an amazing new bicycle parking system that has opened at Kasai Station in Tokyo:


Taiwan bike renaissance

We were guys staying at the same hotel with our mistresses.

He looked like a Taiwanese gangster, with permed hair, black suit and pointy knockoff Italian loafers. It was 5:30 a.m. and he was renting a room for a few hours with a woman in a leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings and the longest false eyelashes I've ever seen. They had no luggage.

Ten cyclists injured



SINGAPORE: From falling tree branches to falling cyclists

Bicycle rental system

Land Transport Authority (LTA) hopes to get private vendors to operate an islandwide bicycle rental system

China should remain bicycle kingdom

BEIJING - China's Vice Minister of Construction, Qiu Baoxing, has lashed out at city authorities in the capital for making it harder for cyclists to get around, saying the country should retain its title as the "kingdom of bicycles".

He made the remarks at the recent International Conference on China's City Planning and Development, which his ministry, the Chinese Society of Urban Studies, organized.

Qiu noted that the number of motor vehicles on China's roads rose by 20 times between 1978 and 2004 and their numbers could increase fivefold again by 2020. In 2004 there were 27 million

motor vehicles in the country and that number could reach 130 million in 15 years, he said.

On the Streets of China, Electric Bikes Are Swarming

A woman rides her electric bicycle past a residential block in Beijing, China

Of all the things that have changed in China over the past 30 years, transportation has undergone one of the most obvious of transformations. Where city streets once swarmed with bicycles, they are now full of automobiles. Cars clog intersection and expressways. Their exhaust clouds the sky and the air is full of the sound of horns.

Tour de France standing

Hightlighed red are the two Japanese.  When can we have some Asians in the top ranking?

Rising Prices for Taiwan Made Bikes

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Despite the fact that compared to the same time last year the price for, for instance, aluminium dropped by about 50%, the prices for Taiwan made and exported to Europe bicycles are on the rise. This results in more and more importers in Europe complaining.

A much heard comment is that Taiwan makers are trying to compensate the drop in the number of exported bikes with higher prices. A trend confirmed by the latest statistics from the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association (TBEA).

Heavy vehicles barred !

Viva DAP!

ROAD signs to prevent heavy vehicles from using a shortcut from Tanjung Bungah to Mount Erskine Road through the winding and narrow Jalan Lembah Permai-Jalan Fettes in Penang have been erected to warn the drivers to avoid the route.

Bamboo bicycle revolution

On the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, next year's crop of bicycles is being watered by Benjamin Banda.

"We planted this bamboo last year," he says, "and now the stems are taller than me. When it's ready we'll cut it, cure it and then turn it into frames."

Mr Banda, is the caretaker for Zambikes, a company set up by two Californians and two Zambians which aimed to build bikes tough enough to handle the local terrain.

Co-founder Vaughn Spethmann, 24, recalls how it all started with a game of football.

Bicycle pave the way for a greener soul

Trams and buses

SEOUL: Bicycles are back in South Korea to help fight against congested roads and pollution.

The South Korean government is promoting bicycles as part of its green growth strategy.

Sohn Jae Kyung has been riding his bicycle to work for the last three years.

He said: "This form of transport is healthy and economically beneficial to me. I think there are many advantages to this."

It takes him one hour and 20 minutes to get to work on a bicycle, saving him about 20 minutes every day. It also saves him money.

Penang state government endorses Come Ride with CM !

  Come Ride with CM on the 18/10/2009 is finally ON !

G Club together with Rotary Club of Tanjung Bungah will be organising this big event !

Targeting 500 cyclists there will be 3 categories of ride-

1) Family rides about 10 km from Town Hall Esplanade to Gurney drive and back

2) Teluk Bahang rides - about 50 km ride from Town Hall to Teluk Bahang and back

3) Round island ride - 80 km which we target on outstation and riders from Singapore and Thailand

G Club preparing for big event !

Email communication by leader of G CLub Dr Lim with YB Law 12/6/2009...

Hello YB Law,

My name is Mr Lim Seh Guan from the G Club Penang Cyclists. As per my discussion with Ms Carolyn Ooi, your personal assistant, I am now duly writing in to you to highlight you on our event.

We a group of avid cyclists who are in the midst of organizing a big bicycle ride, hopefully exceeding 500 riders and the CM will then have to come ride with us. This was the challenge that was given to us during our presentation to YB Chow and YB Lydia Ong at the KOMTAR office recently. We also had a recent press conference regarding this event at the G hotel.

G Club and Dr Lim in the news !

Press Conference at G Hotel as reported by local newspaper

Dr Lim

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KennyGoh-Goh Wun Ping
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jerry tan-tan siew ban
blyuen-Jones Yuen
lcseang-Eric Lim Chin Seang
anthonylccheah-Anthony Cheah
meiyen_lim-LIM MEI YEN
Eugene-Chuah Chung Tatt
kltanpg1-Tan Kok Leong
bkng-Ng Boon Keong
masaki-Jimie Seow Chu Keng
silverhock-PHANG BOON HOCK
Richard Goh-Goh Yap Chin
shokriyusof-mohd shokri bin...
NellieTan89-Nellie Tan Yi Mei
fahizul zaman mahayudin-...
RashidSelamat-Mohd Rashid...
AzlimTawe-Azlim Dollah
lian-lian kok pang
superxray-Lim Hong Hooi
hysu-Saw Hong Guan
apex_jr-Alias Mohamad
pgmas-Teoh Say Lim
kred3112-Khairil Redhuan
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andrewwpw-Wong poo Wah
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somannair-Soman Padmanabhan...
mkamil77-Mohd Kamil Ashar
Ac3Ali3n-Brandon Chung
ycyGClub12-Jason Tan
muhamad fadzli b saree-FADZLI
77long-See Chin Huat
drinkingcocoa-CHO JIEN HAN
jsmithlome-jean smith
tailim-Sin Tai Lim
AhPek Biker-Joseph SK Tan
leech-Lee Chee Hong
Ooi Wei Lee-ooi wei lee
Arnold Savantwriter-Arnold JS...
fendy-noreffendy b hashim
ahkeat-Tan Wing Keat
drkarmain-kamaludin karmain
tonywcc78-wong chee chung
landonlo8-Lo Kai Guan
Steven Chang-Chang Sean Hooi
sayeo888-Yeo Sek Aip
lksim-Sim Liang Kwang
Mikupau-Richard tan
edmondsee-See Teik Guan
hmliong-Liong Hon Meng
Paul Wong-Paul
skycheng-Cheng Yong Hwa
yithung-Low Yit Hung
BleachBoo-Boo Jun Fui
hao_nam1-Lim Chong Beng
tommy7775-Tommy Wong
Kt Tan-Kt Tan
rkysoo-Ronald Soo
Catherine Oh-Catherine Oh
singsang-Poh Sing Sang
johndylim-lim yong wei
twwoon-Woon Tai woon
winstar369-TAN KEONG LIAT
9w2eco-Ng CHong Hing
Teik Aun-Koay Teik Aun
pristine6699-Patsy Lim
zhuo1999-Sam Chee Wang
mie_kktm-Huzaimi Hamid
mansg2-Razman Rejab
penangite1-Ben Ooi
healthychoy-CHOY KIN HOON
Alex Chan-Alex Chan Chien Min
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