Penang Bicycle Shops

Where can we find bicycle shops in Penang?


ivanooi - Posted on 07 July 2009

Dear all reader and Wusulow, 

Thanks,see you then.maybe we should ask Poh Lee,i heard that he/she is in butterworth.wusulow,can you post it on the calender of event?


seng chiang

Is 18 december 09 is a public holiday for you guys??

Anyone plannning to ride to anywhere?

SGA is arranging a ride in Gertak Sanggul on the 20th.  I just came to know that that Sunday is also a winter solstice celebration.  So I will have to go home to eat sweet dumpling....;)

But if you guys were keen to do Gertak Sanggul on the 18th, I'll see what can I do.  If I were still in Penang on Friday, I'll post the ride schedule on the upcoming events section.



Thanks for all your comments,i think it is a fake one,cause a normal scott would cost at least 5k,i just ask for the price from this guy,he have a blog selling all these stuff,it is

anyway,i dont trust any guy that i never saw or know him/her well.thank you for all ur recommendation.



seng chiang

I support what captain wrote. In whatever things that we intend to buy, we need to shop around first. Read the reviews of other consumers on that item - they are your free guinea pigs. Doing your homework is essential especially if you are buying expensive items and for the first time on that item. Do not rush just for the sake of quickly getting over with the purchase.   

My additional 2 cents....




read a lot of comment regarding getting new bike ... where to get, pricing and what not. i will offer my 2 sen here.

i was a newbie before and also bought a wrong bike. wrong size and price was really not that good but i swallow it all. to me this is part of "tuition fees" that we have to pay especially when picking up a new hobby. if you go round asking people how they learn when they 1st started their new love, most of them will tell you "pay to learn". it does not only apply to biking but almost every other hobbies.

before you "kutuk" some shop for not giving you the best deal, you should probably ask yourself if you had done your homework or not. i.e. comparing the best price, getting advise from friends on the correct bike size, your budget, bla bla bla...

as for the shops, their doors are wide open to welcome you but they do not "hold" you back if you refuse to purchase anything. but trust me, being in the business for so long, they more or less do know how "desperate" you are and will try to close the deal. but at the end of the day, the decision is still yours.

this is what i call : willing buyer, willing seller...

but as mentioned, most important is to ask around, do your own research, compare and you won't feel so bad after the purchase.

lastly, to the mind of the salesperson who needs to sell something that you do not need, 'there is a s*ucker born to this world everyday' for them to take advantage of !! so be careful before you part with your money.

just my thoughts. 

IS scott RM1900 cheap? year 09 one.full set.

hi seng chiang, 

u referring to road or mtb?  if it is a mtb and you see the words scott scale 1.0 that' s probably a fake frame.  have seen this frame in several bicycle shops, it is not genuine.

or perhaps it is genuine scott aspect.  recreational mtb from scott.

This is the photo downloaded from Scott Europe website.

RM1900 for an MTB with Shimano XT components and Fox forks??  Impossible!    It easily goes more than RM6k for similar spec hardtail bikes in Penang.

You can check it out yourself at


yalah, where got so cheap!, i bought one scale 40 for rm6.800++

Cheap is not the main concern !!!

like all luxury items, there are many fake branded bicycles in the market. If a good brand is selling cheaper than potatoes chips, buy the later instead.

You should check the Scott website which is very informative and if you can't find the model or color that your bicycles shop is offering, chances are, they are fake bike made in China.

P/s : Scott is a good brand use by the current mountain bike world champion and  British Columbia road race Pro Team !






Watch out for fake/counterfeit bikes.  I have seen fake MTBs and roadbikes with famous brands like Kona, GT, Scott, Felt, Specialized, Colnago, BMC etc.  If the price were too good to be true, it probably is.


One of the LBS told me it's ok to sell fake bikes because he is not selling them at "Original" price. A "Win-Win" deal. Just like buying a fake LV or Channel handbags in Batu Feringgi.

Be careful, if you are not sure, please check in the internet before pulling the trigger !

Cheers ( Ride Safe, Live Strong )



usually these fake frames come in batches and they all look the same and usually size 16, most common size for asian men. only different is the color and stickers on them.  plenty of look 986, scott scale and GT fake frames.   they are sold around RM450 each.   

Dear seng chiang,

Ask yourself the following question:

1. Like sugi says, "Ask yourself what you want to do with it?"

2.  Then like Ray says "Do you want to ride on trails or mostly road?" 

After you have answered those questions then you look at your budget.

3. Ask yourself again whether you really want to spend  at least RM2K on a bicycle?

Are you really really serious about this sport? Don't forget buying a helmet, gloves, riding jersey & shorts(unless you are like me, just bermuda shorts will do for the time being. But have to get those riding shorts with padding, backside painful after long rides...hihi) will again add to the cost. So add up all these and look at the final figures...waah so much huh? If money is not a problem then go ahead.

I have seen some Scott MTB around RM2k with disc brakes which I consider quite a good deal for starters if you're serious about doing trail riding stuff. But there are others who are using Raleigh or Polygon bikes and still having fun, just ask Ray. It's just my opinion. If it's your first MTB, buy a reasonably good bike, ride and play with it first. Get to know the bike & the sport then decide whether you want to upgrade or change your bike. If for some reason you feel this is sport is not for you at least you didn't spend a small fortune buying it in the first place.

Put all this on paper, analyse it then make your decision. You shouldn't go wrong. But you wouldn't really know if you like it until your in the game...

Best regards,



Dear wusolow,

It is true that this is my first MTB and still consider on buying,but after all good advice,i cancelled it.Dad told me:"chiang,that is your own money,that advice from all those(lau chiao) first then only you buy,understand?" so,i decide to ask but now i think it is good enough to use a normal recreational bike first and buy a (brain bucket).

thanks and cheers

seng chiang.

Dear seng chiang,

Glad you have come to a decision. Come ride with all of us first. Some like trail riding and some like myself more of road touring. Slowly you will develop a liking for one or maybe both.

About 18th Dec '09, have you got any particular place in mind? How about Mengkuang Dam in Bukit Mertajam?



Dear friendly wusolow,

Mengkuang Dam in Bukit Mertajam??!!,how are we going to reach there?by ferry?can estimate how long does this trip takes(to and frow)?

My Access is always granted(limited to land only)

Hey seng chiang,

We have no alternative but to take the ferry. No bicycles allowed on the Pg bridge. The whole trip will take about 3 hours. We have breakfast in B'w, then take a slow ride there and come back to Pg for lunch.

So how about it?



let's call it a deal,This is my hp (016-4763955).let's get more people join this trip.The more the merrier.sadly,i had a 10km warm-up all from Sg, Dua to Pangkalan Weld.Hope i can repair that old bike in time.

Hi seng chiang,

For me it's 11Km from Tg Bungah to Jetty.

6.50am sharp at Pg Jetty on 18th Dec 2009. My H/p No:012-FourSevenZeroSix012

See you there!

Best regards,


Dear Seng Chiang,

May I know what model is it? if it is scott scale, I think it's a bargain...

It's depends on what type of MTB bike you want such trail, racing, touring.

The most important is to get the correct size...

Hope you get a good bargain, Ray

and there are another one near phor tay(new) in lip sin,just opposite the klinik kesihatan.can get good discount too(sometimes).

went to check out this bike shop near phor tay school after reading your post.  it is a normal bicycle shop. 

yes, that is also a 'Lim Bicycle Shop', branch of the one opposite sunshine market bayan baru with the big MERIDA signboard.

I have invited Lim Merida to join us for this coming teluk bahang ride. I hope that they are coming down to join us..

Wish to see more cyclist in the Teluk Bahang Ride, Ray

Indeed looking for a fair & good shop is what everyone whats, but if you are new to these shops, there is no telling if you will be served a fair deal. As most regular cyclist would already know a well known bicycle shop along Carnarvon Street. 

Stepping into this famous shop may sound like a good place to start for a fair deal and good advice but for a novice, this may proof to be a bitter lesson. Having purchased a full suspension bike from them on the first visit was a grave mistake. Not to disclose too much embarrassing facts,  lets just look at the paoint below:

Was given a size S bike despite advising size M to be suitable for the rider.

Later tried to justify that a S size can be turned M buy changing the stem & seap post.

Quoted price can be as much as RM450 more than other shops of the exact same brand and model.

If you are a novice, it would be best to approach a more decent minded shop with a view of a long term relationship. After all, we are all fellow cyclist and one way or another we share the same passion and interest. A good shop to go is one where you can become friends or fellow team mates who of course must make a decent profit for survival but not at the expense of inexperienced riders. One good fellow cyclist/shop is: OZE Cycle Shop  Click to view address

Mr. Albert runs the shop with his wife. They both are hands on when it comes to the care of your bicycles and best of all is that they are very fair with their pricing but yet very generous on advice. They understand how we feel about approaching shops because they are cyclist too.

Hope this helps all those looking for a friendly shop. Personally, I wont go to that popular shop in Carnavon street. If you wanna go there, please check else where before buying. 

note: Previous comment going against Gclub etiquette, therefore edited by root...4/12/2009  

Friendly and looking long term, yes agree.

It's strange when you're a novice and have to spend 3-4k and what the seller can say to you is "ya, this is also good.." This is really terrible service on hindside.

A professional shop should be able to genuinely advise by asking a simple question like "why are you buying this bike for?" then from the answers and probably further probing find out the customer's needs. Does he need a good MTB or just a normal one? a racer or a hybrid? and giving simple advice like "this tyre is not good for road rides.." and "better to have lights and helmets..". 

My advice to shops.  If the buyer is a novice(take time to find out first), be more generous by spending a few more minutes advicing the buyer on some simple safety rules and riding tips. Better still if this can be printed on some kind of brochure to take away.   My 2sen.

Yes, unfortubately there aren't many shops around here. it is very inconvenient. If you do go out of Penang. It's good if you can check out other shops in other states. I bet you they are selling their things so much cheaper than those of Penang's. I'm not talking about saving just 20-30 ringgit. I'm talking about saving up to RM100 and if you buy a whole bicycle from them, you will ended up saving hundreds of ringgit. but please, when you find cheap things, don't tell the seller that his goods are cheap ok. just keep quiet and laugh your way to Penang. Prices in Penang are madness. If you thought that their prices are reasonable, it is becuase you didn't how people are selling yet.

Anyone knows where can I find a LOOK delear in Penang? Wanna check out the LOOK 596 & 986.


though they don't carry the brand but they can bring in from Singapore. The most important thing you have to bear in mind is warranty issue. My 2007 frame developed a crack after 2 years and Maverick helped me claimed a new frame (2009 colour). Always keep your Warranty Card if you buy an expensive bike with no local representation.

BTW, you have Good Taste !






thanks mate for the info.  saw a few Look frames at chin aik after reading Dr. reply.  595 Ultra huh, you must be a hardcore roadie to ride such a mean machine.


LOOK is the first manufacturer to use carbon fibre for bicycle frame. 595 Ultra is for powerful sprinter or heavier cyclist. I belong to the latter. 

Happy Hunting !

Three shops come into my mind:  Chin Aik, Gary's CCI or the newcomer from KL, KSH at lorong selamat.

Don't think CCI is an official dealer.  But I think he can help to bring in.


Of course, you can always look into Look's website for info:

I got mine at Chin Aik. If i am not mistaken he has the model you are looking for


Yes, when the Betong riders were here they went round to check the prices and they told me things are more expensive here than Thailand !

i will support local LBS as they support me well, just dont' have the time or resources to go to Betong or Hatyai for bicycle stuff. tempting though the 'cheaper' price may be - just don't have the time to spend travelling there. also i prefer the convenience. lovely bike shop in Balik Pulau - AIK SENG

when petrol prices rise again, and inflation drives prices up, guess who want to 'open car'!

Not many.

As far as I know there are 2 in Carnavon street (near Komtar), one along Perak road, one opposite Chung Ling school and two opposite Sunshine supermarket (one of them moved from Pulau Tikus recently).  There are few in Butterworth/Prai but I do not know their location.

I live in Pulau Tikus area and I find it cumbersome that there isn't a proper bicycle shop in the vicinity.


is SIM Cycles. I managed to get some good 36H silver rigida rims from them for a very reasonable price. i didn't pick up the Deore XT 32H disc hubs, and still regret it till this day :-)

there's still the Selle Italia - Tinker Juarez edition of saddle available, in mint condition NOS.

The corner shop, right Fudge?  Quite a few years back I bought a school bike for my son, a yellow Condor, still with me !


There is another one near the junction between Lorong Selamat and Burma road.  Name's KSH, same as the one in Taman Tun, KL.

On the mainland there are three AFAIK, KT Cycles, Pink Bike and Oze Cycle.


KT selling mainly on cannondale, mostly second grade one from Taiwan.

You guy can chk out at bicyclewerk at Perak rd, just opposite the stadium, and near to the datuk keramat traffic light.

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