Ipoh Century Ride Training Rides

As per suggested by some G-Club riders, there will be series of long road rides announced soon.  It will begin with series of metric centuries(100km) and as the strength of stamina improve, follow by the real Imperial centuries(100 miles or 160km).  This is done in preparation for those who would like to take part in the Ipoh Century Ride (see http://www.pbb.com.my/node/940)

Riding tips would be provided during the rides.  Do keep an eye of yours at the Upcoming Events section.


turbosnail - Posted on 20 April 2010

Ride schedule created.

Please refer to following: http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1053

Do take note that this will also be the last weekly training ride for ICR2010.  I would like to wish all ICR2010 participants best of luck and thank those who entrust me to take them to my ex training routes for their weekly road ride training.  I hope they enjoy them to the max!


UPDATE 22 July 2010: Sorry folks, hafta cancel this due to last minute work commitments.  Best of luck to those who will be taking part!

There will be a 130km road ride this coming Sunday.  Details can be found at


Photos uplaoded.  See here,  http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1051

6 riders showed up, me, Chia, Daniel, Darren, Peter posh and Lie Wei.  Total distance: 127.98km according to my GPS log.  We started the ride 7am sharp and finished the ride at 1pm.

It was quite a punishing ride for me since I have not been riding regular for the last few weeks.  The route was quite rolling too.  I also experience a puncture after coming from a 7% slope.  Thanks to Daniel, I managed to get the punctured tube replaced.

Next week will be the last ride before the actual ICR.  We were talking about doing an imperial century.  I'll see what can I do. 

Overall, it was a good ride!

You did ok during the ride despite having the punctures. Nobody likes the hills but still we dealt with it and came back home tired but happy that we all survived. Lie Wei is strong and could keep up behind me and Chia. Overall I did enjoy the ride and found a little improvement in my training today. Doing many stretches of 33km/h at 100rpm cadence found to be quite easy for me now. Hope the actual day we will do alright. Let's see next Sunday's 160km ride.

Thanks Alan for designing the route for us.

I was wondering will there be any 120km+ rides this Sunday. Anybody with information for Sunday ride, I need a favor, please please SMS me at 012-5088284.


Last week saw a group of 14 riders led by Adren going to Tg Dawai again and finished at a pretty good time. Thanks to Adren, it was even better organized than the last ride.  I was told that 20km before reaching the destined Tanjung Dawai, the peloton that consist majority of the riders was managed to hit a top speed of 50+ kph.  Kudos to the good leadership by Adren and Daniel.

Unfortunetly, due to work commitments I may not be able to continue to join the group for their routine ICR training rides in mainland.

I will post any ride this coming Sunday if I heard anything from riders involved.  Do stay posted!

Adren will be leading the ride this week to his favorite route on the mainland.  The destination will Serdang via Federal Highway (route 1). 

Distance to be in the range of 100km.  The route will be undulating after Jawi.

 Details can be found here: http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1027

8 riders (six males and two ladies) showed up this morning.  127km clocked for the group.  I decided to join the fun as well since there was a last minute change to my schedule.

Special thanks to Chin Chin and her friend.  They were strong riders and able to catch up with the rest of the group.

I had to bail out at 98km mark due to cramped left thigh.  We found out it may be due to higher seat position.  Will rectify next week.

Will post up pictures once I received Chin Chin's GPS tracklog.


5 riders showed up for the ride.  One of the usual suspects, Kean En did not show up due to leg pain.

We did 136km this time.  The terrain is quite flat compare to our last ride in Bukit Hijau, which see us huffinf and puffing at few climbs along the way.

We started the ride at around 7.17am

The moving speed at the beginning was quite fast.  We went over 30kph most of time, which see us at Tanjung Dawai by the time it was 9.30am.

We went slower when we were on our way back to cater for some who are still not used to the travelling speed we did. 

We had fewer stops this time, which helped to cut down the total time spent on the ride.  I reached my Prai home by 2pm, a 2 hours earlier compared to our last ride to Bukit Hijua, which is about the same distance.

Total moving time was 5 hours.  Average speed: 26.7kph.  Distance as per my GPS tracklog: 136km.

More poctures posted:  http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1023

The ride during the Labor day (see here for details) marks the first of the series of century rides that are going to be held for next few weeks.   The venue for the next metric century ride is still in the stage of planning.  I am looking at the ride from Butterworth to Pantai Merdeka using alternate route.  I will publish the ride once everything is set.

Unfortunately, Adren will not be joining until his next return in June.  I hope by then we will be talking about the Imperial century ride to Mahang and back.  Yup, an 180km (for Penang riders, add another 10 to 20km to your mileage) ride to this sleepy town somewhere in the border between Perak and Kedah. 

I will post the ride schedule when it's time.


Hi Alan. Today's ride was fantastic even though Johnathan had cramps. I like his attitude, he never gave up until we reached the ferry terminal. 

Jz wondering will there be anymore rides to Pantai Merdeka? If there is, then it'll be fun too. Will check your postings.


my chicken legs are too weak.  you all could have gone faster on the way back if not bcoz of me. thanks guys for waiting at the jetty, must be quite a while u all waited there. Embarassed

stopping not an option, will only prolong the pain. just suck it up, get back to island and shorten the suffering. Cry next ride will come prepare with ORS and heating cream.


 You did quite well actually. You just have not found your tempo yet. But I believe Daniel Lee has provided you few pointers about riding road bike with compact crank.

I am looking forward to riding with you again!

Thanks mate for all the encouragement and support.  Smile  Better I suffer now, find out all my weaknesses than to suffer on Aug 1st.  Yes, Daniel Lee did gave me a lot of good pointers on the way back. Will try it in our next ride. 

Due to my sudden work commitment I have no choice but to cancel the rides this week and the following week. My apology to those who are expecting the ride this week and really feel bad for Adren since he is very much expecting to ride with me during his home leave in Penang!

For this week, the regulars will do their own trainings.  I shall keep the group posted if I could get off from my work from one of the Sundays!

The next ride will be towards Kulim since the way to Pantai Merdeka is considered to be short.  That will be after 1 Aug unless someone is willing to take the lead.

I still haven't decided if we should do the120km Mahang ride or 160km Selama ride.  Will decide later.

Do take note that the Mahang and Selama routes will more rollings, so do prepapre for longer riding time.

Ok Alan , keep us inform on your training schedule. am afraid can only join altenate weekend due to call schedule

Hi Turbo,

Confirmed, it is on 18 July 2010.


Cool!  I will update in the evnt section.

Please refer to http://www.pbb.com.my/node/940 for details.

5 Riders show up for the ride, Chris Ng, Daniel Lee, Darren Cool, Richard Lee and me.  The terrain was pretty flat until 50m before Pantai Merdeka, which saw the road going up and down. 

We later learned that that was another group of riders showed up at the meeting point at 7.30am and decided to do an Imperial Century to Tanjung Dawai.  My apology to them since we left 3 minutes before that.

The group splitted into two.  The first group consisted of three riders and maintained their speed above 30kph.  In fact on the way back we clocked >35kph to Butterworth.

I clocked 98km by the time I reached my place in Prai.  Moving average was 27kph.

We already talked about possible road ride to Sungai Sedim and back during the Wesak day.  Will keep you posted!

I discussed this with some of the riders that joined the last ride and decided to postpone the next Metric century to next week.  Riding distance will be in the range of 120km.  Venue TBA.  Currently I am thinking whether we should do Tanjung Dawai or Sungai Sedim.  Both will be about 120km in distance(round trip. Start and finish at Butterworth Jetty).  The Tanjung Dawai will end up in front of a beach, just like Pantai Merdeka before turning back and Sungai Sedim will end at a white water drafting resort before we turn back.  Most probably will be Tanjung Dawai since one of the riders is very keen to go there.

I will come out the details soon.  Do stay posted!

Hey this Sunday no ride?? Was  hoping to do a long ride.

I might be doing an easy ride to Sungai Pinang for a bowl of Hokkien Mee and back.  Most of the riders that took part last week decided to take it a day off tomorrow.  Wesak day lah.  Some may go for a prayer.



Next training ride schedule posted, http://www.pbb.com.my/node/979

Meet at Butterworth jetty at 0730hours.  Route: Butterworth - Sungai Sedim and back.  Distance is about 120km.

See you there!

Got an invitation from UCI(United Cyclists of Ipoh).  Details can be found at


Received an invitation from my old time roadie friend. Details can be found at http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1000

We did our last metric century ride to Sungai Sedim and back (see here)  Six riders showed up to do this 125km journey.

Some of the riders show were their first time to do the ride that's longer than their usual round island distance.  I am happy to say that all completed the ride, abeit may have to "crawl" to the finish line due to the fact that they were not used to such distance...;)

We discussed about whether we should continue to register for the Ipoh Century Ride since a lot of riders we know in Penang are holding back due to the registration fee they charge for taking part in this ICR.  The decision is we would follow the rest of the riders to hold back for this year.  But that doesn't mean the metric century will not continue.  We will continue to have this ride in coming weeks.  Please stay posted!

Update 10 June 2010:  I just received updates that some of the riders that ride with me will go for the ICR.  My aplogy for the misguided info!

More will be coming.  When the time comes I will post up the next ride schedule!

Photos posted at http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1018

Four of us(Daniel, Darren Cool, Kean En and I) and a friend of Daniel decided to "ponteng" the G Club month ride this morning and tried this route, which is also one of the routine routes used by MKH.  I rode the route couple of years back before but in reverse direction.

Total distance: 142km.   Moving Average: 25.3kph.  Riding(moving) time: 5 hours 26 min.  It was a hot weather this morning.  We took a lot of time to rest at rest stops.  Probably it was due to the hot weather.  I was already cooked 20km before reaching my place in Prai.  But we still hung on to finish the ride.

Started at 7.17am.  I reached home at around 4pm.  Almost 9 hours from when we started!


Thanks to chicken's pointer, here is the ICR2010 route map, http://centuryridemalaysia.blogspot.com/2010/06/2010-century-ride-malaysia-route-map.html

We will be doing Tanjung Dawai this coming Sunday, details: http://www.pbb.com.my/node/1020

T shirts to be given to each ICR participants revealed at ICR bloggerspot:



Details:  http://centuryridemalaysia.blogspot.com/

i prefer the ladies cutting Wink.  wonder if the ladies L size can fit me.


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